Exploration Academy

We are a road-tripping, homeschool, adventure kind of family. Our school name is “Exploration Academy” and the focus is on experiencing childhood at its fullest while being  challenged to think outside the box.  We love belonging to #WildandFreeChildren and also thrive with year-round loosely followed curriculum guides.

I’ve debated about sharing the homeschool side of our lives, as it is more our children’s story than ours, but then I realized how important it is for other families to see that homeschooling does not have to be done around the table every day… or have a religious foundation… or be awkward and unsocialized.

We are exploring this earth and learning together as we adventure. Our children will always be provided with the most challenging of academics, but more importantly, they will understand the how the world works.

Share your educational adventures with me! I’ll be sharing our travels, experiments, curriculums, and child-led days with you too!

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