The Tribe




From Oldest to Youngest:


Scarlett: The believer in unicorns and mermaids, and the leader of them all.

Emmett: The backseat driver, but the best snuggler.

Lyle: The know-it-all and independent adventurer.

Ollie Jack: The newest toddler to the tribe…  We think he’s trouble.

Veda Ruth: Our latest (and last) addition. I’ll be flooding the posts with updated pictures of her!


Together we are the MacDonald Tribe.  We learn together and play together. These children support one another, bicker and fight – but always apologize.  Each child is so passionately different, but still so rooted to this family that my heart sings as I watch them interact.

We have our hard days, as Emmett has sensory processing disorder, and Lyle is – well- a three year old.  But we have learned the importance of slowing down and meeting the needs of ourselves as well as those around us.  It may not always be easy, but as Scarlett says:

We have made it this far, we can make it even farther.