From Business to Pleasure: Turning Your Work Trip Into a Couple’s Getaway


As you know, it has been a long year here with little travel.  My tiny blog about life and adventure hasn’t been full of much adventure lately… unless you count every day survival and keeping five children alive an adventure. (Which, I do – most days)

Let’s just say that John and I were in need of an escape.  However, our calendar was booked, the bank account was allotted to holiday spending, and time seemed to never slow down enough for us to plan anything. There’s always the issue of a long term babysitter, too. Can you relate?

Then a tiny opportunity fell into our laps and we ran with it: A WORK TRIP.

I know many couples who travel for work and leave it at that – work – a business trip. But in a world that doesn’t seem to slow down, pay enough, or allow time to reconnect, a business trip can be the opportune time to plan an adventure together. 

The dates were set, and the company provided airfare for John and myself.  Still having a nursling, we brought Veda right along with us, too. The destination: Colorado Springs, CO. My mom flew in from across the country to watch the oldest four kids, and we were ready. After speaking with the company, we learned we could extend the trip at the same hotel rate they were paying, rent a car, and utilize all the employee perks for an extra day. 

So we packed, we left, and (minus my anxiety of dying on a plane and leaving my kids) we were on our way! I spent a day writing, editing, and working after a workout and bubble bath in a gorgeous tub. I drank champagne and ate chocolate covered strawberries while doing so. I attended a cookie decorating class, window shopped, and ordered a few last minute Christmas gifts on-line. I got ridiculously fancy for the formal party night, and then slept in the next morning like a mom with only one child! The next day we ventured out on our own to celebrate our birthdays and 11 years of marriage — or you know, just to have a day of fun! We hiked, took pictures, ate, and drank. It was fantastic.


Although, it reminded me why we are a moving family. We move to explore. We move for work. But we move for the journey. This earth is fantastic. 

It’s hard to envision a business trip being pleasurable, but I assure you it can be.  Before flying out make sure to:

  1. Lock in your hotel rate at the same price your company is paying. Extending the trip early or late by 1-2 days will be on your dime, but at a significantly lower rate than other guests are paying. As you check-in and check-out, remind the front desk what portion to put on your personal card.
  2. Rent a car. Again, this probably won’t be covered, but it will make your adventure more fun. Having access to a vehicle means that you can explore on your terms.
  3. Make reservations for meals together.  Throughout the day or two of mandatory work obligations, it can be hard to spend time together. Don’t stress about those missed moments, instead ensure that the meals you will have together are delicious, romantic (if desired), and worth every penny! Don’t get caught in a 1-2 hour wait time.
  4. Plan something for your spouse. Sometimes companies provide activities and speakers for the employees’ partners to attend, but typically your spouse will be on her own. If you have a child with you, it can be a low key day at the hotel pool, or a fun adventure outside of the resort. If your spouse will be solo, she can have a day of pampering, or simply work from the room.
  5. Know what you want to do together. Spending an extra day at a resort seems perfect in your head, but you should take advantage of everything around you. Research before your trip to know what you can do with a day’s worth of time during the season you will be visiting. A quick day on the slopes, a winery tour, a sports game, or a round of golf, there will be something intriguing!
  6. Grab a souvenir. Always bring home something small to remember your quick trip together. We typically purchase an ornament for the Christmas tree!

Things to see and do in one extra day at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

A short drive to Garden of the Gods Park! You can drive through and park at the top to hike the shorter trails, or you can park at the bottom and hike an hour up into the park. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. The sites are breathtaking. 


After grabbing a late lunch at a local cafe, park your car and grab the shuttle up to Seven Falls. The walk up to the waterfalls is beautiful, and the 300+ stairs you’ll climb to the top will count as your exercise for the trip. After you’ve experienced the falls, stop into the restaurant 1858 at the top of the trail for a hot cocoa or glass of wine. Enjoy a quick bowl of chili or appetizer of French fries, too!  


After hiking back and shuttling to your car, head to the old school house turned brewery for a cold beer and game of shuffle board! It is the cutest and most fun place! You can do dinner there, or head back to change and get glam for one last fancy meal! 

You can either venture out for dinner or head to the Golden Bee for a delicious dinner!

Yes, there are so many other things to do and see there, but for a single day, this will make you soul happy!