InstaCart and Aldi? Run Away. FAST.

Oh, ya’ll. I am on FIRE.

It was just a typical Wednesday here, full of therapies, classes, writing, and keeping humans alive. I was so thankful to have my weekly groceries delivered this afternoon. I greeted the delivery gentleman and tipped him well (in cash). I put away my groceries and sat down to look at the receipt.

I have been trying out different grocery delivery options the last few months, looking for the best deals, best produce, and best service. Yesterday, I learned that Aldi delivered.

I’ve never been inside of an Aldi, and it doesn’t sound like the place I want to enter with 5 young children in tow. But, I’ve heard such great things about their organic selection – AND THEIR PRICES. And in true giddy fashion, I was astounded by what my total was going to be with a cart full of 50 items — About $145! OMG!

Just as all grocery deliveries go, the price is not set until the shopping is complete and you sign for the delivery. Right?

I signed for the delivery after asking for the total, and being told that the receipt was in the bag. Seeing as how my 2 cantaloupes and large yogurt weren’t available, I assumed my total would be even less than the expected $145.  And I was right — that receipt read $134.94.  BINGO! SWEET! OMG YES!



Here’s where things get dicey. Aldi uses InstaCart… (as does Costco and several other large stores). I received an e-mail with my charged total of $164.80.





Okay — Service fee $7.39, Delivery fee $3.99, Bag fee $0.56, Tip $5.00. —— and a subtotal for the food alone $147.86.  (What happened to the $134.94 that is printed on the physical receipt in my hand?)

I’m about to scream here.

One. I tipped in cash at the door. Who is providing this extra $5.00 tip?

Two. My first Instacart delivery fee was suppose to be $0.

Three. MY FREAKING RECEIPT FROM THE STORE is less than this subtotal by EXACTLY 10% —- like almost to the freaking penny, they overcharged me by 10%.

My happy little self called up InstaCart right quick and Kindly was passed to a manager who informed me that customers should never receive a paper receipt. (WHAT?) I was repeatedly told this over and over – that a paper receipt is confusing because the online prices are higher.

When I ever-so-kindly mentioned that I didn’t order for groceries to be shipped from online, that the entire point of grocery delivery is to have another human walk into the store and get the same MOTHER EFFING PRICES that I would get if I were to walk into the store, the manager told me that the online prices are higher, but said she would wave my already shouldn’t be there delivery fee. I laughed. I then asked her why the prices were more for the exact same in store items – that were purchased IN THE STORE.

She told me that Aldi increases online prices, but that they wouldn’t refund my money. She said, “Aldi will just tell you to call InstaCart.” My response? “Well, Hello! I’m so glad that I skipped that part and called you first.” She continued to tell me that she could not refund the difference.

Here’s what I learned from the call, and what you should know before ever using InstaCart:

There is a 10% increase to your in-store price, and you will never know because you should not see your paper receipt. This is NOT a fee that is given to the shopper or the driver (I asked). Those fees are added afterward.

You will be charged a tip, and it is your responsibility to go onto the app and remove that tip immediately after your order is delivered.

When you call and complain, you will not be refunded or credited because, as the manager stated, “It says in small print that the online prices may not reflect your local store prices.”  —– Which SHOULD mean that your total will be reflected at the checkout, as every other grocery delivery service does; however, it is basically a legal way for them to get away with taking an extra 10% of your total and pocketing it.

It’s hard to know if this is on InstaCart or Aldi because they each are passing blame to one another, but I know that I will not be utilizing the service again. Check your receipts guys… NEVER let someone drop off your bags without that white printed paper.