Mama Bear


I am Elizabeth –  the one (typically) behind the wheel, the holder of the plane tickets, the packer of the suitcases, the folder of the clothes, the cooker of the meals, and the one running this show… (most of the time anyway.)

I am a badass. A very happily married badass.

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I am a freelance writer and author, researcher, natural childbirth educator, and exercise specialist.  I love my husband and children fiercely and have a desire for adventure.  My husband and I are conservative – homeschooling our kids and wish for the lessons to extend far beyond the dining room table.

Education is important, but it is not the sole purpose of these crazy journeys.  We journey to explore, to get lost, and to find our way. We look at maps, plan details, and take the long way.  These trips strengthen the bridges of friendships for myself and my children.  They challenge us to  meet and accept all of those we meet along the way.  We return home as a stronger family in so many ways.

Not to ever leave my husband out — John is an amazing husband and father.  You will get to know him along the way too.  He is dedicated to his work and his family and plans his days off carefully. When not at work, he’s fixing-up the house, playing with the kids, holding my hand, or smoking meat!  He typically flies to meet us along the way and spends an extended 3-5 days with us before returning home.  This time is so precious to us.

When we aren’t exploring by land or air, we are adventuring this crazy life at home – wherever that may be this year. We have relocated through 6 states and 9 houses throughout the last decade. While it may seem crazy, it’s our crazy, and I’m glad to be the ring leader of it all.