Raising Ninjas

I have had several people make comments about the extra curricular activities that my children are enrolled in.

Scarlett: Age 10

  • Girl Scouts (Homeschool troop that meets weekly for 3 hours)
  • Swim Team (summer only – after 2 years of a year-round team)
  • Musical Theater (August-May)
  • Martial Arts (2-3 evenings a week – year round)
  • Girls on the Run (August-November)
  • Triathlete (just completed her first triathlon)

Emmett: Age 8

  • Cub Scouts
  • Club Level Soccer (Fall, Winter, and Spring, with a camp in the Summer)
  • Wrestling (Winter)
  • Swim Team (Summer)
  • Martial Arts (2-3 evenings a week – year round)
  • Triathlete (just completed his first triathlon)

Lyle: Age 5

  • Soccer (First year on the club team!)
  • Swim Team (Summer)
  • Martial Arts (2 evenings a week)
  • Wrestling (First year for this!)
  • Wanna-Be Triathlete (haha)

Ollie Jack: Age 3

  • Martial Arts (one evening every few weeks, when he’s in the mood)

We recently dropped piano lessons for the oldest two, but Emmett will begin guitar lessons soon. He has also been begging for baseball to be added to his list. (But there are only so many evenings in a week!)


Yes, it looks like a lot. Yes, we are broke (haha). But it all falls into place, and we take breaks (and vacations – duh!) whenever we feel the need. Homeschooling allows us to complete the education portion of the day within a few hours, giving the kids ample down time – and me, plenty of writing time. So, no, we are not over-scheduled or drowning, yet. Once Lyle wins his argument on joining a basketball team and the youngest two join in, we’ll see what happens.

The biggest question that I get about their activities is always about karate.

How do you manage to do it alongside other sports?

Why would you do it when the kids do other sports?

Why do you do it in general?

Is it worth the money?

What do the kids really get out of it?


It is time-consuming, with a long term goal; meaning that it isn’t something you just start or stop, you are committed to it. The truth is that I grew up as a ninja myself, as did my brother. I was a ballerina and a black belt – the two having a significant impact on one another, both of which shaped my outlook on life and fitness. I did not begin martial arts until I was 12, though. It didn’t take long before everyone noticed that it was something I was pretty damn good at. I began competing throughout the country, and by 16, I had become a first degree black belt and held a few world fighting titles. Even after leaving for college, I still threw a few punches with old karate friends. But, I fell out of the sport as I became an adult.

It wasn’t until my oldest was about 7 that I realized just how important it was for my kids to pursue ‘black belt excellence.’ I would love for them to become world champion fighters and compete in famous tournaments, but I am also (very) okay with not going to down the route- at least at their current ages.


Becoming a black belt is about the journey you have within yourself. It is a long and hard goal to accomplish – and it is a one-man sport. A teammate cannot do the work for you, you must show up – for multiple days every week, for years in a row. You must study the art – and you must practice. You must learn dedication, perseverance, failure, and triumph. You also learn internal motivation, self-confidence, and conflict resolution. Becoming a black belt sets a positive path for a lifetime of learning, acceptance, and happiness. Because finding and understanding happiness happens once you learn to stop comparing yourself to others and start following your own journey – much like what happens while pursuing a black belt.

Karate doesn’t have an end game, though. A black belt may just be an item you can order off Amazon, but the mindset one gains from earning that belt is so much more than can be explained. Respect, kindness, appreciation for others’ arts, self-discipline, and a passion for bettering one’s self is all par for the course when becoming a ninja. I also love that my kids will feel able to handle themselves if needed as they get older.


After all, the rule in my house growing up was “You have to be able to fight before you can date.”

I’m pretty sure that this could be the best rule ever. It will live on.

So, friends, this is why I am raising ninjas.




Planning a Road Trip Birthday

Hello world! I have missed you. I have so much to say, which is a wonderful feeling of freedom. Anyone who has ever suffered from seasonal depression (immediately following postpartum depression) can understand exactly what I mean by saying that I feel free.

Summer is here, and after the worst winter Omaha has experienced in over 30 years, I could not be any happier. I realized this past weekend that I was finally back to my pre-baby #5 happy self again. I have been up every morning running or doing yoga, cooking all the whole foods, and conquering days (even bad ones) with a good outlook. John and I both know now just how important it is for me to escape this winter. No worries, that trip is in the works, and I will be starting to walk you through the in’s and out’s of an 8+ week long road trip with 5 young kids soon!

But, back to the point of today’s ramblings. I have three August babies. The 5th, 12th, and 20th. We end up spending astronomical amounts of money on big gifts and at least one LARGE backyard birthday party. We scrub the house, invite over 30+ kids, smoke pork, beef, chicken, sausage, and all the other meat-groups. I prep sides, bake desserts, create sangrias and adult beverages. We have the greatest time – we really do. We watch the sun go down with great friends and play under the stars.

This year though.. this year needs to be different. The kids need a laptop for homeschool work, but that’s not really a fun gift for an 8 and 10 year old! What could we do that they would love AND appreciate? They have nothing on wishlists (other than more legos, of course – shoot me) and are in need of nothing. So it’s time to HIT THE ROAD!

Did you hear me in the back?


I just booked a week in Denver, Colorado for the entire family. We will be celebrating birthdays at Water World and then hiking some spectacular trails together. Other than our Greenwood Village area hotel and the water park, I’m still planning the days out. Send me some great family-friendly ideas if you have them.

We’ll be driving the 8-10 hours all together, yes – John will be with us on the way there. The way back, though – I’ll be back to my single mom driving days! We plan to break the drive up with an overnight somewhere, too. There is a huge first happening on this trip. We had to book two hotel rooms because of our family size. Gone are the days that we can squeeze into one. This trip will be a great confidence booster (because it is going to go well, right?) before my two month long, cross-country drive with the kids AND THE DOG next winter.

As far as birthday gifts go this year, other than the laptop, we are gifting them each theme park tickets to be used while on our next big adventure! Do you think they will be as excited as I am? I sure hope so!

I’ll keep you updated on everything to do in between Omaha and Denver – and the fun you should book for your own family adventure!

How to Execute a Quick Winter Escape.


The depression is real over here in the midwest right now. We are knee deep in our 2nd full Nebraska winter, and let’s just say that we aren’t built for the cold. Although, this winter is apparently the worst winter in the last 30 years here, so everyone is basically over the gray skies, massive snow days, and deathly windchills.

In true Floridian fashion, I was going insane. I was unkind, unhappy, unmotivated, and consumed with leaving this ‘Arctic Hell’ (as Scarlett calls it). We were planning on spending the winter vacationing this year, but I thought I could brave a winter – I mean, maybe I was just being a baby about it all last year. I did pretty well, if I can compliment myself. I survived miserably until February before John pulled the trigger on shipping me off to the ocean.

If you are in a similar state of winter depression and need a quick escape, I highly recommend spending the next few days searching for the cheapest flight that leaves within a few hours drive of you. You can spend a day traveling to your destination and a day traveling back. Fitting everything into one checked back and giving your kids a backpack for the plane filled with new knick knacks will make the travel more bearable.


Once I decided I wanted to take my oldest two kids along with the youngest and I, ticket prices were in the scary price range for a long weekend getaway. I’m talking $500+ per seat. Well, we aren’t rich over here, so my beach dreams began to fade…. until I extended my search to the airport 3 hours away.  BINGO. Tickets were half the price. I jumped on plane tickets, paid for a bag, booked a parking spot, and started packing.

I contacted as many friends as I could because I wanted my days to be filled with hugs, laughter, and wonderful conversations. Because I grew up in the area, I had family to visit, too. There were too many people to see with too little time to do it all, but I knew that the beach was calling…

Thanks to an old friend, I was reminded that the trip was truly about getting our fill of sunshine, warmth, and ocean waves. I booked a night at The Hollywood Costa Resort in Hollywood beach, right behind the ‘broadwalk.’ While it was a splurge, I needed 24 hours  of beach in my life, and staying with family wouldn’t get me that. It was worth the splurge, as a dear friend drove in from out of town and stayed up late into the night while the kids ran on the sand and margaritas were poured. Nothing beats a big white resort bed either.


Find your connections and reach out to old friends – or even friends of friends. You may be able to make your quick trip even better by adding in something you normally wouldn’t do.

The first travel day was excessively long, between driving and flights, but having my dad waiting with an SUV for us made it easier. My mom reserved a carseat for Veda, and we invested in MiFold boosters for the big kids (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM).  After a late bedtime, we headed to the beach as the sun rose Friday morning. Friends joined us, as did my mom. The sun was breathtaking, so was the warmth, although our skin had not seen an UV ray in over 6 months, so we were hurting, even with sunscreen.  But the ice-cream shop helped everyone feel a little better.


The kids and I headed to my dad’s pool for a chilly dip and some wine with wonderful company before seeing more family at dinner. Saturday morning was yoga-filled before devouring a Publix sub, more pool time, and finally heading to the resort. A second day of ice-cream was in order, as were hats and rash guards in the sun. The rooftop pool was hopping, and the margaritas were on point. We stayed up until well past dark and dove into the waves as early as possible the next morning. Several lifelong friends arrived with their families, and my kids had about 15 instant Florida friends. Of course, more ice-cream was in the cards.

It was hard to say goodbye to the ocean, and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t cry a bit. The salty air, the palm trees, the memories, knowing that it wasn’t where my kids were growing up… it stung a bit. But I am so grateful for the escape.


Traveling home was hard. We missed John, Lyle, and Ollie so much, and I regret not spending the extra money to have everyone come. Landing back in the midwest to more snow than we had left behind was also hard. Emmett asked if the plane would just take us back to Florida.

The tans are fading and the snow is still standing,  but our memories are strong.

If you are debating a quick winter escape, jump on the cheapest flight and do it. Feeling the sun on your face and the salty air through your hair will be worth every penny spent.


InstaCart and Aldi? Run Away. FAST.

Oh, ya’ll. I am on FIRE.

It was just a typical Wednesday here, full of therapies, classes, writing, and keeping humans alive. I was so thankful to have my weekly groceries delivered this afternoon. I greeted the delivery gentleman and tipped him well (in cash). I put away my groceries and sat down to look at the receipt.

I have been trying out different grocery delivery options the last few months, looking for the best deals, best produce, and best service. Yesterday, I learned that Aldi delivered.

I’ve never been inside of an Aldi, and it doesn’t sound like the place I want to enter with 5 young children in tow. But, I’ve heard such great things about their organic selection – AND THEIR PRICES. And in true giddy fashion, I was astounded by what my total was going to be with a cart full of 50 items — About $145! OMG!

Just as all grocery deliveries go, the price is not set until the shopping is complete and you sign for the delivery. Right?

I signed for the delivery after asking for the total, and being told that the receipt was in the bag. Seeing as how my 2 cantaloupes and large yogurt weren’t available, I assumed my total would be even less than the expected $145.  And I was right — that receipt read $134.94.  BINGO! SWEET! OMG YES!



Here’s where things get dicey. Aldi uses InstaCart… (as does Costco and several other large stores). I received an e-mail with my charged total of $164.80.





Okay — Service fee $7.39, Delivery fee $3.99, Bag fee $0.56, Tip $5.00. —— and a subtotal for the food alone $147.86.  (What happened to the $134.94 that is printed on the physical receipt in my hand?)

I’m about to scream here.

One. I tipped in cash at the door. Who is providing this extra $5.00 tip?

Two. My first Instacart delivery fee was suppose to be $0.

Three. MY FREAKING RECEIPT FROM THE STORE is less than this subtotal by EXACTLY 10% —- like almost to the freaking penny, they overcharged me by 10%.

My happy little self called up InstaCart right quick and Kindly was passed to a manager who informed me that customers should never receive a paper receipt. (WHAT?) I was repeatedly told this over and over – that a paper receipt is confusing because the online prices are higher.

When I ever-so-kindly mentioned that I didn’t order for groceries to be shipped from online, that the entire point of grocery delivery is to have another human walk into the store and get the same MOTHER EFFING PRICES that I would get if I were to walk into the store, the manager told me that the online prices are higher, but said she would wave my already shouldn’t be there delivery fee. I laughed. I then asked her why the prices were more for the exact same in store items – that were purchased IN THE STORE.

She told me that Aldi increases online prices, but that they wouldn’t refund my money. She said, “Aldi will just tell you to call InstaCart.” My response? “Well, Hello! I’m so glad that I skipped that part and called you first.” She continued to tell me that she could not refund the difference.

Here’s what I learned from the call, and what you should know before ever using InstaCart:

There is a 10% increase to your in-store price, and you will never know because you should not see your paper receipt. This is NOT a fee that is given to the shopper or the driver (I asked). Those fees are added afterward.

You will be charged a tip, and it is your responsibility to go onto the app and remove that tip immediately after your order is delivered.

When you call and complain, you will not be refunded or credited because, as the manager stated, “It says in small print that the online prices may not reflect your local store prices.”  —– Which SHOULD mean that your total will be reflected at the checkout, as every other grocery delivery service does; however, it is basically a legal way for them to get away with taking an extra 10% of your total and pocketing it.

It’s hard to know if this is on InstaCart or Aldi because they each are passing blame to one another, but I know that I will not be utilizing the service again. Check your receipts guys… NEVER let someone drop off your bags without that white printed paper.


What Comes After a Crappy Year?


What comes after a crappy year?

It’s no doubt that this year was not my favorite. By the looks of social media, I’m not alone. 

Isn’t it funny how life’s pendulum swings that way? How everyone seems to have great years, mediocre years, or shitty years all in similar fashion?

Two years ago, on New Year’s Eve, we found out we were unexpectedly pregnant with baby #5. Two weeks later, we found out we were moving across the country to the mid-west for work. Three weeks later, we were flown here to house hunt, and another 3 weeks later, we were packed and moving. That was a hard year for my family. But, then 2018 came. While life settled down in many aspects, it also sucked ass in many others. Hell, I write about our traveling adventures on this blog, and guess what we didn’t get to do in 2018? TRAVEL like normal. We were landlocked here. There were health issues, more health issues, and health scares, and surgeries. But I digress…. I don’t need to vent it out here – you understand.

Waking up to a new year seems to always bring hope and excitement, but after a mediocre or flat out crappy year, it can bring anxiety by the boat loads. It can be hard to break free from the stress and actually enjoy the possibility of a better year ahead. But, remembering the path of a pendulum, the year ahead will be better.

Instead of sitting around waiting for things to go your way, it’s time to take action. Find a few hours to map out your hopes for 2019.  You can list them, vision board them, doodle them, or blog them. It’s all about putting them down so you can revisit them throughout the year. 

Yes, you can resolution your way into a healthier pantry and refrigerator, or learn a new language. You can save money, pay off debt, and get a massage. Just know that the idea about making 2019 great is to play an active role in fulfilling your goals, overcoming obstacles, and pursuing your own happiness. 

What’s on the cards for Our Lucky Seven in 2019? I’m so glad you asked….

2019 Plans:

Puppy Boarding School: Indie is being shipped out for a 2 week obedience school in January. She should be trained well enough to take camping, RV’ing, or even for a walk without pulling ,y arm out of the socket when it’s over.

A quick girls’ trip to the east coast. My toes need to touch the sand and breathe in the salty air. Veda has yet to see an ocean (HEART BREAKING) and Scarlett is basically a mermaid. We need a vacation without the boys.

A possible weekend trip this summer. 

A 2-3 week RV roadtrip with the whole family this fall. We’ll be heading through national parks out to Cali and back.  This will be a trial run to see if RV’ing works better than hotels for our family. At this point, we’ve become a 2 hotel room family…. Or a $2,000 flight anywhere. Perhaps an RV may work in our favor.

Christmas 2019 is still up in the air. We had a large gift-giving 2018 and would like to vacation this year, but it is still to be determined!

From Business to Pleasure: Turning Your Work Trip Into a Couple’s Getaway


As you know, it has been a long year here with little travel.  My tiny blog about life and adventure hasn’t been full of much adventure lately… unless you count every day survival and keeping five children alive an adventure. (Which, I do – most days)

Let’s just say that John and I were in need of an escape.  However, our calendar was booked, the bank account was allotted to holiday spending, and time seemed to never slow down enough for us to plan anything. There’s always the issue of a long term babysitter, too. Can you relate?

Then a tiny opportunity fell into our laps and we ran with it: A WORK TRIP.

I know many couples who travel for work and leave it at that – work – a business trip. But in a world that doesn’t seem to slow down, pay enough, or allow time to reconnect, a business trip can be the opportune time to plan an adventure together. 

The dates were set, and the company provided airfare for John and myself.  Still having a nursling, we brought Veda right along with us, too. The destination: Colorado Springs, CO. My mom flew in from across the country to watch the oldest four kids, and we were ready. After speaking with the company, we learned we could extend the trip at the same hotel rate they were paying, rent a car, and utilize all the employee perks for an extra day. 

So we packed, we left, and (minus my anxiety of dying on a plane and leaving my kids) we were on our way! I spent a day writing, editing, and working after a workout and bubble bath in a gorgeous tub. I drank champagne and ate chocolate covered strawberries while doing so. I attended a cookie decorating class, window shopped, and ordered a few last minute Christmas gifts on-line. I got ridiculously fancy for the formal party night, and then slept in the next morning like a mom with only one child! The next day we ventured out on our own to celebrate our birthdays and 11 years of marriage — or you know, just to have a day of fun! We hiked, took pictures, ate, and drank. It was fantastic.


Although, it reminded me why we are a moving family. We move to explore. We move for work. But we move for the journey. This earth is fantastic. 

It’s hard to envision a business trip being pleasurable, but I assure you it can be.  Before flying out make sure to:

  1. Lock in your hotel rate at the same price your company is paying. Extending the trip early or late by 1-2 days will be on your dime, but at a significantly lower rate than other guests are paying. As you check-in and check-out, remind the front desk what portion to put on your personal card.
  2. Rent a car. Again, this probably won’t be covered, but it will make your adventure more fun. Having access to a vehicle means that you can explore on your terms.
  3. Make reservations for meals together.  Throughout the day or two of mandatory work obligations, it can be hard to spend time together. Don’t stress about those missed moments, instead ensure that the meals you will have together are delicious, romantic (if desired), and worth every penny! Don’t get caught in a 1-2 hour wait time.
  4. Plan something for your spouse. Sometimes companies provide activities and speakers for the employees’ partners to attend, but typically your spouse will be on her own. If you have a child with you, it can be a low key day at the hotel pool, or a fun adventure outside of the resort. If your spouse will be solo, she can have a day of pampering, or simply work from the room.
  5. Know what you want to do together. Spending an extra day at a resort seems perfect in your head, but you should take advantage of everything around you. Research before your trip to know what you can do with a day’s worth of time during the season you will be visiting. A quick day on the slopes, a winery tour, a sports game, or a round of golf, there will be something intriguing!
  6. Grab a souvenir. Always bring home something small to remember your quick trip together. We typically purchase an ornament for the Christmas tree!

Things to see and do in one extra day at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

A short drive to Garden of the Gods Park! You can drive through and park at the top to hike the shorter trails, or you can park at the bottom and hike an hour up into the park. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. The sites are breathtaking. 


After grabbing a late lunch at a local cafe, park your car and grab the shuttle up to Seven Falls. The walk up to the waterfalls is beautiful, and the 300+ stairs you’ll climb to the top will count as your exercise for the trip. After you’ve experienced the falls, stop into the restaurant 1858 at the top of the trail for a hot cocoa or glass of wine. Enjoy a quick bowl of chili or appetizer of French fries, too!  


After hiking back and shuttling to your car, head to the old school house turned brewery for a cold beer and game of shuffle board! It is the cutest and most fun place! You can do dinner there, or head back to change and get glam for one last fancy meal! 

You can either venture out for dinner or head to the Golden Bee for a delicious dinner!

Yes, there are so many other things to do and see there, but for a single day, this will make you soul happy! 


It’s Okay to Buy Christmas Gifts


I feel like, somewhere along the way, people started seeing me as the mother who had it all together. I have been pulled aside, messaged, and flat out called out in front of a crowd for this blatant lie. 

I, in fact, have nothing together more than anyone else. Actually, I gave up having it all together after Veda was born. That baby #5 really rocked me. But, that’s when (more than ever before) people would confront me wanting to know how I could do it all — It’s as if my letting go and giving in to this stage of life really allowed me to relax and become a confident hot mess.

We are always late (or really early); my kids never have on matching socks – or any socks. I swear the crumbs in the van reappear within 38 seconds of me trying to vacuum the freaking thing out.  

All of that to say this: If you do believe that I am doing a good job over here, then know this:

You are allowed to not take your family on a magical trip for Christmas. 

You are allowed to buy them everything on their wishlist (and more). 

You are allowed to stick to the want, need, wear, and read rule.

You are allowed to jet set across the world for Christmas.

You are allowed to spend Christmas on the beach, in the snow, or sleeping under the stars.

You are allowed to make this YOUR family’s Christmas – not someone else’s.

I have focused a lot on why you should consider experiences over all.the.junk. I have written about our own experiences. It is true, my kids did not miss a damn plastic package while we adventured last year – and it was glorious, BUT – BUT – BUT – this year? 

This year, I am buying all.the.gifts.

Why? I’m not exactly sure.  We aren’t doing a big trip – possibly postponing my cross-country winter drive until spring, even. It will be our first Christmas morning in this beautiful house, maybe that’s playing into it?  Maybe it’s just that my oldest will be TEN next year, and there aren’t many ‘Santa Years’ left? Or, maybe, I’m just in the mood to have a big Christmas!

Buying a bunch of presents doesn’t ruin my kids. It doesn’t make me a bad mom. It doesn’t make our family any more ridiculous than we already were. We just live in a society that judges everything.

Guess what? It doesn’t matter my exact reasons – just like it doesn’t matter what you decide. The kicker, though, is that you just need to be happy with whatever you decide! Go big, go little, go outside, travel, bake, sleep… just make sure that you (and your family) are happy this Christmas!


32 Fun Christmas Books for Kids


Sticking with more experience gifts for the holidays, I have read about children opening a new Christmas-themed book every day of December. The idea has been tossed around for a few years, and I have purchased a few books here and there, thinking I would complete the book gifting idea. Somehow, though, I always started collecting the books too late in the season, and I would give up before the second week.

This year, I am determined to be ahead of the Christmas avalanche. I know that fall is just beginning, and I haven’t even planned my Thanksgiving menu, but I’m going to start ordering or searching for great winter/Christmas/family books to add to our home library. 

If you want to jump on the bandwagon, I’ve listed out 30 of our favorite, or soon-to-be-our-favorite books. You can wrap them and set them under the tree. You can set them out on the Thanksgiving Day table to start after dessert. You can stack them next to your child’s bed and let him choose the order he wants to hear them. The options are limitless in how you gift the books, but the memories will be made none-the-less.  

Snuggle up. Grab some hot cocoa. Light the fire. Open a good book. (affiliate links included)

31 Fun Christmas Books for Kids

How to Catch Santa

The Littlest Elf

The Night Before Christmas

The Christmas Wish

Bear Stays Up for Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Little Blue Truck Christmas

The Polar Express

A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Christmas Sweater

The Snowmen at Christmas

The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree

The Jolly Christmas Postman

Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree

A Wish to be a Christmas Tree

The Spirit of Christmas

River Rose and the Magical Christmas

Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

The Tale of Three Trees

Christmas Day in the Morning

Merry Christmas Curious George

Home for Christmas

Charlie and the Christmas Kitty

The Christmas Fox

A Pirate’s 12 Days of Christmas

The Nutcracker

Legend of the Candy Cane

The Sparkle Box

The Story of Holly and Ivy

Apple Tree Christmas

Socks for Santa

Any of your favorites not make my list? What should we add?

I am definitely not opposed to reading two books a day!

The Time I Decided to Donate Half of Our Toys


I may be drinking wine.

I’ll let you decide.

I am DONE with a basement full of SHIT that is worth $234,957,478,470 – but yet can never be played with because:

a. “Mama, I can’t find all the pieces.”

b. “This part is broken.”

c. “I don’t know what to do” – because there’s too many things to choose from, duh.

d. “This is for babies.”

e. “I can’t find the charger.” One year later, “I still can’t find the charger.”

f. “I don’t like that anymore.”

g. “It’s not fair that we only have one, and Lyle is playing with it! I want one!”

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU*K. No. I am so freaking done.

As you know from following my amazingly non-consistent blog here, I have switched over to ‘experience’ gifts, and we had a KILLER time last year at Christmas in Colorado. But, that means that I didn’t purge ALL.THE.SHIT. before our trip.

Somehow another year has passed before my eyes. Veda is a toddler. Ollie actually grew hair. We’ve *almost* adapted to life in the midwest. But, I still haven’t purged the basement.

(pours wine)

Guess what I’m doing right now?

dun. dun. dun.

Did you see the picture up there? That is what is happening. No. That is not what the basement looked like an hour ago. Everything was in its place…. until I somehow needed to accomplish something. I swear you could see vacuum lines earlier today, but what fun would that picture be? Exactly. I’m here to show you REAL LIFE. So let’s get to work. But, alas, Rome was not built in a day, my friends. After tearing EVERYTHING apart, I laughed at myself and retreated upstairs. I may have overwhelmed myself on day 1.

Time Out: I do have a plan, here. I’m not just drinking and throwing shit out. (Although, that may get it done faster.)

Our ‘Experience Gift’ this year for Christmas is redoing our basement into a ‘big kid’ area from a little kid play room. Yes, this requires buying a ton of age-appropriate crap. We’ll be investing in a sectional couch, smart TV, Xbox, air hockey table, basketball arcade game, and an art/drafting table/craft area for Scarlett. Our family will *hopefully* chip in and fulfill the kids’ wishlists so that John and I can cross off the big items. But a basement overhaul cannot be completed unless the current state of the bottom floor changes.

What have I accomplished thus far? I’ve created a bonfire-worthy pile of kid crap to sort.

We’ll be donating a lot to local charities (The Ronald McDonald House, shelters, and churches), gifting some to neighbors and friends, and saving anything and everything that will continue to be loved by our little ones. Yes, we will still have a lot of stuff, but, with my new layout, I’m hoping to keep things better organized.

The best part of everything is that none of the kids are fighting me. They are actively wanting this change.

So cheers to moving forward in this parenting journey. Instead of having a play room centered around a play kitchen, we will soon have a game room with a corner play kitchen. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t crazy happy about giving my big kids a place where they feel big-a place that their friends will love, too.


When a Friend Goes Quiet.


Sometimes a friend goes quiet. Sometimes you wonder why. Sometimes you write it off and let them be… because, who are you to reach out? Maybe they just want to be alone.

Reach out. Always reach out.

In this society of loneliness, mixed in with the demands of adulthood (and parenthood), it can be easy for a friend to withdraw from life for awhile. But, in these moments is when friendship is needed the most.

My Quiet

When skies turned gray and smiles frowned,

I felt as though we’d been drowned.

Seasons changed, but all stayed sick. 

We came to learn it was a tick…

Or was it really, after all?

That pushed us down and made us fall? 

Unexplained aches, pains, and tears.

My worries turned into true fears.

Doctors said, “We’re not sure, more tests.”

Then we learned: An Autoimmune Mess.

Now we start the road to heal

And hope that someday soon we feel – 

Sunshine in our souls again…

We’ve lost count of how long it’s been.


Hello, Dear Friends, Hello.

I am sorry for the long pause in my words here. It has been a long season of life here, and although, I would love to analyze every detail with you, I am exhausted by the thought. Perhaps, someday I will. And, perhaps, I will not. Either is okay.

I can say this, I am beyond thankful for our lifestyle and our strong immune systems. I am grateful for our choices, as this mess could have been – or would be – extremely worse than it currently is. Doctors are amazed at our overall health, and now that we have figured out underlying autoimmune issues, we should hopefully begin to feel normal again soon. With the help of a healing center here, we are all on tinctures and herbs that are (fingers crossed) killing off co-infections. Everyone is sleeping a lot; sugar, dairy, and anything processed is a no-go. But we have smiles that last longer than a few hours, finally.

As a mom, I have been a blubbery mess. I’ve watched my husband suffer from Lymes Disease this summer, and we learned that it is most likely the root of my son’s lifelong issues we’ve always been puzzled by. After many – many tests, we have unlocked autoimmune answers that connect all of us. It was finally time for me to stop ignoring my own underlying issues, too.

Motherhood is hard. I am giving my all, 200% of the time. But, this has knocked me on my ass, and I have significantly readjusted our lives. I am grateful that we had already slowed down, but now we are focused on happiness and health within each day.

I did, however, go quiet. I stopped texting. I stopped posting. I stopped doing anything more than working and going to doctors or keeping kids alive each day. I am so blessed to have an amazing cross-country friend who is living this same life out, and together we have laughed and cried. But, I have come to realize that our world today is severely lacking in real life connections.

This can be blamed on moving and living away from so many loved ones, of course. But, in all honesty, it is the state of our society.

It is easier to forget about a friend than it is to reach out to one.

We are all guilty. We all get caught up in our own lives. But, taking a few extra moments to harvest our true friendships may save our society, and model for our children what is truly important in life.

This experience has opened my eyes to many things. One being that I will protect ‘My Bubble” – my family – above all. Another being: it is time to purge… detox, if you will. Toxic elements of life can be let go of. Social media can be ignored. But, true friendships should be strengthened.

Pick up the phone and reconnect with someone. Sit down and share lunch. Bring a neighbor a bottle of wine. Let’s dig deeper than surface level. Let’s get to know one another.