12 Last Minute Experience Gifts for Adults

The countdown is so close that shipping cannot be guaranteed in time for the big day. If you let the days tick away while failing to come up with the perfect present for your significant other, parent, best friend, or other adult-in-need-of-a-gift, I have a list of experiences you can choose from that would make anyone excited!

John and I just got home from a 4 day trip to Denver without the kids. We had ample time to talk and reconnect. Once of the things that we continually circled back around to was how must we enjoyed just walking together. We talked about future gift ideas, trips, and (of course) all of our potential moving locations – because that convo never ends in our house!

You can use this list as a jumping off point or just take something and run with it. 


Experience Gifts for Adults

Movie Tickets – Simple, affordable, and will never go to waste. Who doesn’t want to grab some popcorn and see a movie?

A Book – A gift card will do just fine, but if you know the genres that would bring a smile to the receiver’s face, then go ahead and pick out a book or two.

VISA Gift Card – What most adults don’t want to talk about is their financial situations. Cash can seem odd to give, but a gift card that can be utilized in any way needed will be much appreciated. 

Spa Credit – Don’t believe that a man wouldn’t want to be massaged. Find a great co-ed spa and book a men’s package for him. As for a woman in your life, the sky is the limit here: facial, hair, nails, massage, body wrap.

Airline Credit – Did you know that you can purchase gift certificates to airlines? You can! Even if it’s not enough for 1st class, this gift will at least help a vacation or family trip take place.

A Hotel Stay – Sometimes self-care is as simple as spending one day alone (or with a partner) without children or teens to be fed or looked after.

Theater Tickets – Going to the theater feels like you have arrived in life, right? Look for a great musical to purchase tickets for.

Museum Tickets – Museums often hold extraordinary exhibits that are a once in a lifetime experience. they tend to sell out if you wait to buy tickets close to the opening day. Do a quick search to see what will be coming near you this year, and consider gifting the experience!

Rock Climbing Gym – Rock climbing gyms have popped up in every major city across the country. They are fun and promote a healthy lifestyle, but they also encourage friendship and teamwork.

Art – It’s a bit late to have a framed piece under the tree, but you may get lucky if any local restaurants or cafes display artists’ work for sale! You can also contact a local artist to see what they have on hand.

Concert Tickets – It doesn’t matter when the concert is, but grab those tickets online now!

Sports Tickets – If a favorite team is going to be within driving distance, select some great seats as a gift.

A New Year’s Tradition – Since your order can’t arrive in time for Christmas, consider gifting for New Year’s instead. You can have a case of champagne delivered or 100 oysters flown in. New Year’s Eve and day should be celebrated in a way that brings happiness and love into the home. You can easily help make that happen!