What Comes After a Crappy Year?


What comes after a crappy year?

It’s no doubt that this year was not my favorite. By the looks of social media, I’m not alone. 

Isn’t it funny how life’s pendulum swings that way? How everyone seems to have great years, mediocre years, or shitty years all in similar fashion?

Two years ago, on New Year’s Eve, we found out we were unexpectedly pregnant with baby #5. Two weeks later, we found out we were moving across the country to the mid-west for work. Three weeks later, we were flown here to house hunt, and another 3 weeks later, we were packed and moving. That was a hard year for my family. But, then 2018 came. While life settled down in many aspects, it also sucked ass in many others. Hell, I write about our traveling adventures on this blog, and guess what we didn’t get to do in 2018? TRAVEL like normal. We were landlocked here. There were health issues, more health issues, and health scares, and surgeries. But I digress…. I don’t need to vent it out here – you understand.

Waking up to a new year seems to always bring hope and excitement, but after a mediocre or flat out crappy year, it can bring anxiety by the boat loads. It can be hard to break free from the stress and actually enjoy the possibility of a better year ahead. But, remembering the path of a pendulum, the year ahead will be better.

Instead of sitting around waiting for things to go your way, it’s time to take action. Find a few hours to map out your hopes for 2019.  You can list them, vision board them, doodle them, or blog them. It’s all about putting them down so you can revisit them throughout the year. 

Yes, you can resolution your way into a healthier pantry and refrigerator, or learn a new language. You can save money, pay off debt, and get a massage. Just know that the idea about making 2019 great is to play an active role in fulfilling your goals, overcoming obstacles, and pursuing your own happiness. 

What’s on the cards for Our Lucky Seven in 2019? I’m so glad you asked….

2019 Plans:

Puppy Boarding School: Indie is being shipped out for a 2 week obedience school in January. She should be trained well enough to take camping, RV’ing, or even for a walk without pulling ,y arm out of the socket when it’s over.

A quick girls’ trip to the east coast. My toes need to touch the sand and breathe in the salty air. Veda has yet to see an ocean (HEART BREAKING) and Scarlett is basically a mermaid. We need a vacation without the boys.

A possible weekend trip this summer. 

A 2-3 week RV roadtrip with the whole family this fall. We’ll be heading through national parks out to Cali and back.  This will be a trial run to see if RV’ing works better than hotels for our family. At this point, we’ve become a 2 hotel room family…. Or a $2,000 flight anywhere. Perhaps an RV may work in our favor.

Christmas 2019 is still up in the air. We had a large gift-giving 2018 and would like to vacation this year, but it is still to be determined!